Sunday, 23 June 2013

Yes I Can

Finally got a chance to edit some photos from Friday!

First off, I had the pleasure of photographing Sally Hull and Ruth Swardfager's "Yes I Can Team"  Sally and Ruth both believe that everyone has potential. Sally and Ruth have saved dogs who have survived puppy mills, abandonment, and many other harsh backgrounds. They have trained these "un-important" and "un-trainable" dogs to be great obedient dogs. Sally and Ruth travel to schools to put on dog shows that show kids of all ages that even if you are disabled, you can still do anything that you put your mind too. Take Ridde for example
Riddle was born with no eyes
but Riddle can still run and jump just like a normal dog!

So next time someone says that you can't do something, just say "Yes I Can" and do it!

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